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Networking in the Blawgosphere

By January 30, 2007Uncategorized

Today I got a nice email from Tim Kevan, a barrister in the UK.  He said he had been enjoying my blog and invited me to check out his blog, which I did. I really enjoy making connections with people this way. Last week I had a great conversation with David Edelstein, a criminal defense lawyer  in Miami.  He doesn’t have a blog, but his website amply demonstrates how internet-savvy he is.  Even though we only talked for about 20 minutes I learned that David is a very thoughtful fellow, definitely someone that I would feel comfortable recommending folks to if they had a criminal law problem in Miami.  In fact, we decided to ‘connect’ up via Linkedin (the only way you could see that we are connected in Linkedin is if you were ‘connected’ to one of us).

Last week I also had the pleasure of meeting Ray Dowd, a lawyer from New York who practices copyright law (and has published a book called The Copyright Litigation Handbook).  Ray was in town for a gathering of copyright folks, and hooked up with my friend Greg Grimsal.  They are both active in the Federal Bar Association.  Ray and Greg were apparently having dinner when Ray asked him if he knew ‘Ernie the Attorney’.  Greg called me immediately and passed the phone to Ray and, after a short conversation, we all agreed to meet up at a nearby music club called Dos Jefes.  I had a great time talking to Ray, who has a great blog called Small Firm Life.  He doesn’t update it that much, but it’s still a great blog.

It’s encounters like these, which are now pretty routine, that remind me how fortunate I am to have stumbled into this whole blogging thing.

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