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NASA – not so good at screening, but great at training

By February 8, 2007humor

Here’s a crazy observation: NASA’s screening process is not perfect, but you can’t criticize them too harshly.  Lisa Nowak was exceptionally well-trained, which is why she was almost able to complete a very difficult (albeit illegal and completely rogue) "mission."  Wearing diapers while driving a thousand miles is not only a sign of ingenuity; it also shows real ‘mission focus.’

I’m not so sure that NASA can be faulted for having hired someone who blew a mental fuse (if so, then let’s shut down the postal service).  But maybe they did something wrong.  Now that the mainstream press is tuned in I guess we’ll soon find out.  But, meanwhile, let’s focus on what NASA did right.   On the Daily Show last night their "space correspondent" observed that the closest Russia’s program ever got to putting an astronaut near a targeted murder victim was 400 miles.  Obviously, NASA’s astronauts are formidable, both in space and on Earth.

So that’s one thing that we’ve got going for us, which is nice.

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