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Nagin’s provocative racial comments

By January 17, 2006Uncategorized

By now most people have heard about mayor Ray Nagin’s ‘chocolate’ comment at a rally honoring Martin Luther King.  Hillary Clinton also used a racially infused metaphor at a speech she gave in Harlem, suggesting that politicians in the House of Reps (obviously referring to Republicans) have a ‘plantation mentality.’  Both of these statements were simply political ploys, and –sadly– not the kind of message that should be delivered on Martin Luther King day.  Nagin’s statement has engendered a lot of harsh feelings, among both blacks and whites.  One enterprising fellow, however, has seized the opportunity created by this controversy to raise some revenue.  Maybe he should be in charge of the Katrina recovery effort in New Orleans.

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  • Type Pad says:


  • living in WONKAVILLE says:

    I am from WONKAVILLE and I absolutly HATE IT considering that the VAST majority are all “BLACK” <- WANNA BE AFRICAN AMERICANS! All they do is sit home and feed off the government since they are too lazy and dumb to get a job. Thats the only reason why they were here in New Orleans becausethats where their GRAVY TRAIN WAS! now they have a NEW GRAVY TRAIN somewhere else and hopefully they stay there and the rest follow! Nagin needs to remember WHO PAYS TAXES!!! they sure don't considering the only thing they kinda work for is their DRUG DEALING which they CANNOT SHOW EARNINGS FOR THAT OR THEY WOULD GO TO JAIL! its the WHITE FOLKS OF NEW ORLEANS WHO PAYS TAXES! We WHITE PEOPLE TEACH OUR KIDS YOUNG TO WORK AND PAY TAXES!!! We don't teach our kids to be lazy and sit on your butt and depend on the government for help. Welfare for only meant for ones who REALLY COULD NOT FIND WORK and when you did get put on welfare it was for a LIMITED TIME ONLYNOT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!!! So, if Nagin wants his CHOCOLATE CITY they HE WILL HAVE A POOR CHOCOLATE CITY, BECAUSE THEY ALL MOOCH OFF THE GOVERNMENT FOREVER AND DONT PAY TAXES!!!!

  • NOLA Fugees says:

    Sorry for the extra “African” there at the end. It was a typo, not any kind of political statement.

  • NOLA Fugees says:

    Thank you Ernie for the mention of our article on Nagin. But we have to say that the people who rushed to hawk Nagin T-Shirts are doing so out of hostility. Our treatment of Nagin’s Chocolate City was not only done two months ago (after he’d used the same phrase during Congressional hearings), but was done in the spirit of fun.

    To counter the Don Black-type backlash that has ensued, we are now selling T-Shirts of our own on our website that don’t directly support Nagin but celebrate the concept of a Chocolate City, a city that is amenable to African-African Americans.

  • Aaron says:

    Ernie, consider taking down the earlier comments, I did a DNS search on that first website and it’s registered to Don Black who, among other things, is a former Ku Klux Klan leader and the founder of “Jew Watch.” Unabashed racist is the understatement.

  • Greg says:

    NOLA a chocolate city? Come on — it would never last! It gets way to hot down there and the chocolate would melt!

  • Leslie says:

    Same thought, better execution:

    I especially like this part:

    When questioned about incentives for natives New Orleanians to return to the city, Nagin said “We already got a plan for that.” Reaching into the pocket of his velvet waistcoat, he pulled out what appeared to be a candy bar. “It’s a NOLA bar,” he said, “and inside one out of every thousand is a golden ticket. Everybody who’s registered with FEMA will get a NOLA bar, and if you’re one of the lucky ones, you get to move to Uptown.”

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