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Upcoming Louisiana CLE seminars – New Orleans

If you’re looking for upcoming Louisiana CLE programs you have several options, but you might want to go for one that will actually help your law practice. Here’s why you might want to come to one of the ones I’m doing.

I’m a New Orleans attorney who spent years of struggling to figure out how to be more productive with computers. The effort was worth it, and allowed me to easily transition from being a commercial litigator in a large New Orleans firm, to being a solo attorney—doing the same kind of work more efficiently, and at lower cost (and without the help of even a single paralegal).

A few years ago I started a company to help solo and small firm lawyers better cope with, and then leverage, technology. The company is called PaperlessChase, but we aren’t in the CLE business. We’re in the business of helping lawyers improve their practices, but one way to reach more attorneys is to offer CLE. So we do those programs, typically in New Orleans.

If you want to get your mandatory continuing legal education credit, check our upcoming Louisiana CLE programs. We also offer online CLE for Louisiana attorneys.

Please note: our CLE programs are not the typical lame programs with boring speakers. To get a sense of how different we are read our FAQ page on Louisiana CLE seminars. Below are some of the things attorneys have said in their evaluations of our seminars:

  • Very helpful for solo practitioner! —Jackie Blankenship
  • Clear, crisp delivery.  —Victor Prejeant
  • I actually got an hour of CLE credit for something I could use in my practice. — Stella, New Orleans attorney
  • Helped me with my information overload problem —McNeil Kemmerly
  • I’ve replaced two litigation bags with an iPad. All as a result of these folks — Al Thompson
  • Unlike most CLE classes. The information is useful and will actually help my productivity.  —Chad Danenhower.


P.S. If you're a practicing lawyer, check out this Law Practice Assessment . After answering a few questions, you'll get detailed recommendations for improving five key areas of your practice.
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