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My Treo 600 – Software upgrade

By June 3, 2004websites

For the past few weeks my Treo 600 (Sprint service) has been acting weird.  Periodically, it would start trying to access the network, fail, and then repeat the process. The only solution seemed to be to reboot the phone.  All in all, this was a real annoyance, especially when it would enter this bizarre looping behavior right when I was trying to take a call.

I figured it was a software problem, but I was hoping it would just go away.  Finally, this weekend it got so bad I couldn’t use the phone at all.  I thought about taking the phone in to Sprint and letting them deal with the problem, but then I came to my senses.  I realized that they would just do the obvious thing first, i.e., update the software.  So, I Googled the phrase ‘treo 600 software update’ and found the appropriate update site and dowloaded the software and installed.  And guess what?  It seems to have worked.

Upon reflection, I conclude having everything dependent on software (and software upgrades) creates its own set of annoyances and problems.  If I wasn’t inclined to update the software then what about the average non-techie’s inclination?  At least, it’s not something that I have to do every week.  That would be a living hell.

Update:  See my latest post for the upshot on my continued frustration with this phone.

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