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My Picks for the 76th Academy Awards

By February 29, 2004Uncategorized

I have reviewed the list of nominees for Academy Awards. I haven’t seen all of the films, but I can say a few things. Master and Commander should definitely win an award for ‘Film Editing’ and for ‘Best Picture.’ If Charlize Theron doesn’t win the ‘Best Actress’ award then there is not even a vestige of legitimacy to the awards.

As I have said already, Bill Murray should not get a ‘Best Actor’ award for his performance in Lost in Translation; he basically just plays himself. On the other hand, Johnny Depp clearly deserves to win ‘Best Actor’ for his performance in Pirates of the Caribbean.

I have no opinion about the ‘Best Supporting’ categories. I really shouldn’t have any opinion about the ‘Best Director’ category because I didn’t see Mystic River, but I would like to see Master & Commander win. I liked Lost in Translation, but I don’t think that Sophia Coppola should win based on a film that, while fresh and interesting, depended so much on having Bill Murray as the lead actor. Also, I don’t think that the Lord of the Rings movies, which were so heavily dependent on special effects, deserve a ‘Best Director’ award.

But, then, who really cares what I think anyway?

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