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My Oscar pick for Best Movie

By February 25, 2007Uncategorized

I left the movie theater feeling I had seen an important movie, a powerfully obtuse and yet highly unsettling story about several different people around the world whose lives seem to be connected in some strange way.  Babel will probably win the award for Best Picture tonight because, even though its message is hard to decipher, it’s obviously somethnig that is supposed to enhance social consciousness.  Hollywood loves to award movies like this.

But if they decided not to go with the ‘social consciousness’ angle then maybe they’ll give the award to The Departed, which featured an all-star cast of great actors: NIcholson, Sheen, Baldwin, DiCaprio, Damon, and Wahlberg.  Martin Scorsese has never won an Oscar, but they’d be more likely to honor him with a Best Director award. 

The Oscar for Best Picture rarely has been awarded to a comedy, which is why Little Miss Sunshine seems like a longshot.  But ‘longshot’ is the fuel that has propelled this movie all along.  I saw LMS the other night and it is one of my favorite movies ever.  It’s got it all: a great script that is tight and guards a secret message that is poorly hidden in the title and then painted across each character’s fervent quest.  In some ways, the movie reminds me of Bad Santa.  I meant to blog about Bad Santa this past Christmas, but I was too busy watching it over and over. 

But Bad Santa was about a guy who had completely given up and (supposedly) didn’t believe in anything.  Little Miss Sunshine is about people who are completely consumed with getting something and believing they will get it, only to find out that…well go watch it for yourself and see what happens. All I can say is that if this movie wins then Rick James, wherever he is in the great afterlife, will be very proud.

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