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My off-beat proposal for new legislation

By March 24, 2004Humor

I’m a fervent believer that we already have too many laws, most of which are either unnecessary or simply don’t work. I am especially suspicious of legislation that seeks to disseminate ‘useful information’ to the public. That said, I have a proposal for precisely that sort of legislation. Here’s the deal.


The other night I was at an NBA basketball game and the announcer game on and told the fans that, while it was okay to take pictures, flash photography would not be allowed. Have you ever noticed how many people with point-and-shoot cameras will fire off some flash shots when the subject of their photo is about 200 feet away? Have none of these people learned that the flash on their puny cameras only travels about 8 to 10 feet? I think that the government should fund a public service annoucement that would air during the Superbowl, the World Series and the NBA finals to explain how the light from a camera flash diminishes exponentially as it travels forward.

I don’t think we can really stem the tide of drug use by running ads on television, but I could be wrong about that. However, I know for a fact that we can make a serious dent in moronic photographic behavior at sporting events. If we have the political will, that is.

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