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My new law firm website is live

By February 21, 2011Uncategorized

I recently tweaked my Svenson Law Firm website (actually it's a blog, but no one besides us needs to know that). I'm probably going to tweak it a little bit more, but it's got a basic overall look that I like. Any comments from the peanut gallery would—of course—be appreciated.

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  • Robert Fortuno says:

    Nice clean design. Very professional. I see you are using a commercial WordPress theme. Are you tweaking the code yourself?

  • Joe says:

    The clean lines & minimalist theme is is easier on the eyes. Good job!

  • Christopher Beer says:


    Congrats on making the conceptual leap to a blog based website. I suspect it also removes the need to consult/pay web designers or others to maintain and update content. Would love to read a post or two on how you made the switch.

    From an execution standpoint, it was unclear what type of law you focused on and what type of clients you wanted. In other words, as a potential new client, I was unable to readily determine if you were the right fit for me. If unintentional, its something to fix.

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