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My New Blog Design

By August 19, 2003Uncategorized

So, not without significant effort, I have managed to give this weblog a completely different look (the effort was not because of TypePad, which is easy to configure, but because I lack ‘design skills’). I liked the old template, but, frankly, I found it more or less by accident.

I wanted something a little “cleaner” and easier to read. Hence, this new look (if it looks the same as yesterday hit ‘refresh’ on your browser). Hope you like it.

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  • Jeff Richardson says:

    New design is much easier to read. Thanks for changing it.

  • Looking good! I’m fairly new to blogs myself so you will have to forgive me for joining After all they were bought-out by Google and I’m sure they have great plans for it. Nevertheless, I’ve had my eye on MoveableType but hesitant to get into the hassle of running my own webserver so Typepad looks like possible compromise. Like Steve, I will also wait and see how it all unfolds.

  • Sophorist says:

    Like the new design! You might try using columns on each side to keep your main posts a bit more narrow for folks who have a big browser window open. There’s nothing like having to turn your head from side to side when reading a post. Sort of makes you feel like you’re watching a tennis match.

  • Steve Covell says:

    Yes, I like it. I’m also watching how you do before deciding whether to join the hordes leaving Blogger. 🙂

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