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My most recent brush with fame

I got a nice email last week.  It was from a fellow named David who lives in London and works for the Economist magazine.  He wanted to know if he could use a picture I had posted on Flickr in an upcoming article on Panama.  He mentioned they would pay me £160 (which is a little more than $300).  Naturally, I agreed. 

Unfortunately, they wound up using someone else’s Flickr photo in the article (the online version does not have the photo).  I’m still reeling that a photo I snapped from a moving car, using a modest little digital camera I bought at Radio Shack, nearly earned me $300.  That was almost twice what I paid for the camera.  And the photo was hardly one of my better efforts.  Oh well, they didn’t use my picture anyway, so it’s all "water through the canal" as they say back on the Isthmus.

P.S. If you appreciate these kinds of observations, you might want to read this as well.
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