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My Katrina song on YouTube

By October 4, 2006Uncategorized

Well, I played around with Apple’s iMovie and found out that it’s pretty cool.  I was able to take the song that I had previously made into a podcast and, with some serious editing, make it into a movie. Then I uploaded it to YouTube, so check it out.  These computer things are pretty amazing tools, and the Internet ain’t half bad either.  Of course, there is the problem of my dubious singing but then technology can’t solve every problem.

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  • Jamie Parks says:

    Well done brother, tell it like it is…

  • Kendra says:

    Loved it!

  • Francis Puertos says:

    Last night, before finding the article referred in the previous post, I saw a new video-clip put together by a 15-year old girl who lives in Alabama, Ava Lowery, who first came to the attention of the Netroots at YearlyKos in June.  She started an organization called Peace Takes Courage and put up a website.  Her latest project, this video looks at the toll on the US families of sending our young people (and no longer only young people) to fight in Iraq.  Take a look.

    I was struck with how like a feudal nation we’ve become – sending the peasants off to fight wars whose sole purpose is to provide land or resources to the very few at the top.   

  • Lu Ann Reeb says:


    So much talent…not enough time! Great job on the video & the song!

    From the creative staff at LegalTalkNetwork.

  • Curtis says:

    Excellent! Thanks for posting that… and now to get more traffic headed this way.

  • Sophmom says:

    That was wonderful, Ernie, really wonderful!!

  • Stanley Feldman says:

    This should be available as a 1.99 video download from iTunes!!! Excellent!

  • David Staub says:

    Great job, Ernie. I listened to the whole thing twice (and your “dubious singing” makes it all work).

  • BILLM says:

    very very nice!!

  • CJH says:

    Awesome. Needs to be entered in a contest!

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