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My house is back on the market

By February 27, 2008Uncategorized

Picture_1The people who were supposed to buy the house decided that they couldn’t afford the taxes and insurance. My property taxes went down this year, but the cost of property insurance is higher. Still, the net cost was about the same as I had paid. Lesson learned: next time I’m not dealing with people who aren’t represented by an agent.

I expect the house will sell quickly, though, because it got a lot of action during the holiday season which is normally a slow time. I had a couple of people who wanted to make offers but didn’t get to (because I accepted the offer from the naive couple). My real estate agent friends tell me that this is a better time to have the property on the market. We’ll see. As I said, I’m optimistic. It’s a great house, and it’s in a great location—near the park and on the first part of the Thoth parade route.

I plan to have an open house the weekend after next, and I think there will be a broker’s tour next Wednesday. Here are some pictures of the house. I’m asking $495,000 if you know anyone interested in a charming Uptown home. My phone number is 504-208-5199.

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