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My friend Chris Cortez’ album is on iTunes

By February 4, 2005music

His last album, Hold It Right There, is now available on iTunes Music Store. (my top song recommendations? Benny’s from Heaven, Hold It Right There, and All Right, Ok, You Win).  His next album, Mum’s The Word, is being released at the end of this month, and hopefully it will be available on ITMS soon too. 

Chris is a really wonderful musician, but he depends on the kindness of quasi-strangers (i.e. people who hear him play live) to make an immodest living.  His records are completely self-produced, so please give a listen and, if you like what you hear, buy his stuff and then relentlessly recommend it to friends and strangers.  I think it’s really great that he has managed to get visible on Apple’s music site.  Hopefully, it will lead to more people discovering his music.  He’s someone who really deserves a wider audience.

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