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My daughter on TV about Katrina

By September 20, 2005Uncategorized

My daughter Bridget celebrated her sixteenth birthday on the Saturday before Katrina hit, and how she’s attending the Sacred Heart school in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Here is a link to the school’s website where there is a link to a news story about student relocation, which features Bridget.  The link is on the bottom right under the heading ‘Media’ and is entitled ‘Sacred Heart Helps Hurricane Victims.’  I’ve always admired Bridget’s poise, and it appears that she is acquiring more of it each day (so is her cousin Christina, who is blogging up a storm over here). 

Obviously, there are many accounts of how Katrina affected people and my daughter is in the elite realm of very fortunate people.  Here is another person who was fortunate.  He’s a British writer who happened to be stuck in a hotel in New Orleans when the hurricane hit.

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