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Music News from New Orleans

By July 25, 2004Uncategorized

Last Friday night I went to the Smoke ‘n Blues BBQ music club to hear my friends Chris Cortez and Vincent Marini play together (well, actually Vincent was sitting in with Chris’ band). Two amazing guitarists playing acoustically, along with drums, keyboard and bass, and it was electric (mixed up metaphor intended). But then out of the audience steps this blonde woman named ‘Sera’ who launches into a heart-stopping rendition of ‘Red House.’ Turns out she has a recently-released record that was produced by Gary Katz (who produced some Steely Dan stuff), and she has a very impressive website. I hope she gets more recognition; she obviously deserves it. If you have a chance to hear her perform grab it.

But back to Chris for a second. His last album (Hold it Right There) is a great CD. He has a new CD coming out soon, with some great original songs, including one called ‘Bad Attitude’ that is a great acoustic blues tune with really clever lyrics. You can regularly hear him perform on Wednesday nights at the ‘Open Mike’ deal at Smoke ‘n Blues. But he also plays a lof of real serious gigs with his various musician friends around Slidell and New Orleans. So, if you have the chance to hear him play, you shouldn’t pass it up. The thing about talented musicians like Chris and Sera is that, while their CDs are great, their live performances are where the real magic happens.

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