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More on New Orleans businesses reopening

By September 14, 2005Uncategorized

Times Picayune reports:

"This week, about 200 temporary permits were issued to businesses in the CBD needing to make emergency repairs or recover essential documents or equipment. Although Nagin said the city "screwed up" that process by giving out incorrect information about how to obtain permits, he promised the permitting process will soon be back on track. Anyone seeking a permit should call (504) 599-5541, according to the New Orleans Police Department. Once residents return, the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center will become a temporary general store, with retailers – likely including Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe’s – addressing "essential needs" until other businesses begin operating again, Nagin said.

Two hospitals, Touro and Children’s, should be ready to reopen "in the next day or two," although getting staff back could take longer, Nagin said."

Children’s hospital is just 3 blocks from my house so I hope that’s a signal that the neighborhood is going to see some activity.   I understand that the street that I live on was not looted so I guess that means my neighbors’ houses are all okay, which is good.

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