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More on Gmail

By May 19, 2004websites

My recent post about Gmail prompted a few E-mail inquiries. First, I don’t know how I one gets ‘invited’ to become a Gmail beta-tester. Someone who knew me from my weblog invited me. Second, I updated my prior post to include a screenshot example of how the ‘targeted ads’ look in Gmail. I haven’t seen too many targeted ads in my Gmail inbox, but I’m not worried about targeted ads from Google. Here’s why. Ads aren’t going away. So if Google can figure out how to target ads that I might actually be interested in, well, ‘hurray!’ (Accord Is Gmail the Hotmail Killer?)

Lastly, some people who have Gmail accounts are noticing that Google is giving them a full Terabyte of storage. I’m noticing that too, but I’m not complaining.

Update: Turns out the Terabyte of storage was a glitch.

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