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More New Orleans Wi-Fi News

By January 2, 2004Uncategorized

For you Wi-Fi afficianados who are coming to the Sugar Bowl, here is the latest news about Wi-Fi hot spots in the Crescent City. The International House hotel has free Wi-Fi in the lobby and in the adjoining bar, which is called Loa. Another nearby hotel called Loft523 has Wi-Fi in the rooms (it may be in the lobby and in their bar too, but you’ll have to check in person). Loft523 is affiliated with the International House so you can probably ask there.

On the more mundane side, but great if you just want a sandwich, the Quiznos on Baronne near Poydras supposedly has free wifi.

And Z’otz Coffeehouse in the French Quarter is a good hotspot. It’s open 24 hours and is located at 2003 Royal St. 504-943-9689. (thanks to Chelsey for the tip on this one)

Lastly, Café Envie (corner of Barracks and Decatur) has sandwiches, beer, wine, coffee, tea, bagels and light entrees served in a clean, bright and open. And also the Gumbo shop at 630 N. Peter St. is also reputed to have a Wi-Fi signal that is either associated with that locale or available from there (thanks to Mark Bradley for last two tips).

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