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More New Orleans Wi-Fi News

By August 6, 2003Uncategorized

Gambit Weekly, the local New Orleans alternative weekly paper, has a blurb about Marisol’s restaurant (437 Esplanade Ave. Tel. – 943-1912) and notes that they offer free wireless Internet access. They also feature all-you-can-eat antipasto lunches from Tuesday through Thursday. Free validated parking is available next door.

I’m starting to hear of more and more places with free Wi-Fi. I personally know of six so far, and it’s funny that only one of those is a coffeeshop. But, hey, this is New Orleans and if you are going to have Wi-Fi then let’s put it in places that have food and booze first. Coffeeshops with Wi-Fi? That’s for people who live in Seattle.

Here’s my list of the places that have it so far, if you are interested.

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