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More New Orleans Katrina Blogs

By September 17, 2005Uncategorized

Here is a compelling blog by Katrina survivor Joshua Cousin, a/k/a Bookman.  He was in the Superdome and has some great pictures.  Apparently, he’s in Houston now.  And check out Kaye’s Hurricane Katrina Blog too.

And Miserable Donuts has some good pictures, mostly from Belle Chase.  This is not a blog, but here is an interesting article on what ‘went right’ in the disaster response to Katrina.  Which should be read along with this article by Glenn Reynolds on the media’s tendency to suggest that individuals have little responsibility for their own welfare in a disaster.

Update: this is an example of something going wrong with FEMA’s response to the post-Katrina debacle.  And here is the MSNBCblog on Katrina.

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