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More Katrina thoughts & remembrances

By August 30, 2006Uncategorized

Dennis Kennedy digs through his old emails from a year ago and writes about Katrina and the power of blogs.  Last night I celebrated the K-Anniversary with some friends at Friendship Bridge (near Cabrini, and crosses Bayou St. John).  I met some new people that I really liked a lot, among them a fellow named Kevin who came from Boulder to teach film history at Tulane. 

Obviously, a lot has changed in the past year.  Some people have left town and some people have arrived.  New Orleans has a lot to offer, to old residents and new ones.  Thanks to all of you who have come here since ‘the thing,’ whether it’s for a few days, a few months, or (hopefully) a few years.

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One Comment

  • Sophmom says:

    I’m back “home” and find myself being “NOLAsick”. It makes no sense. I do not think I would be feeling this way but for The Thing. If I haven’t already said so, it was nice meeting you.

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