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More about Banksy

By September 25, 2008culture, new orleans

Char_rain_girl_smallApparently, the artist Banksy is unidentifiable other than we know he comes from the UK. He does not sell his work, at least not under the name Banksy. Wikipedia has some information about him, and there is a nice New Yorker piece. We do know that he travels around the world to ply his trade.

My daughter tells me that her ‘graffiti artist sources’ say he’s supposedly still here but that’s not confirmable. He came to New Orleans on the 3rd anniversary of Katrina to do street paintings, which are featured on his website. Charlotte says she has the lead on another location of his work so maybe today we’ll go hunt for it. I love this Banksy guy! He’s like the “Batman of Artists.”

Wham! POW! Zowie!

P.S. If you want a better practice, check out this Ultimate Guide.


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