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Monday 7:30 am update

By September 1, 2008Uncategorized

(Broadcast via AT&T broadband card from a laptop)

Hurricane is coming ashore as a CAT 3 storm, but a weak one. Weather Nerd reports the eyewall has disintegrated. Downtown New Orleans is feeling hurricane force winds, according to news guy ‘in a protected alcove’. Says water pouring out of sewer holes, and manhole covers are rolling around.

City of Franklin is going to get a direct hit.

Here in my Uptown condo the wind is gusting and rain sheets are blanketing the area. Becky and I are safe, and the dogs are calm (medication helps). We don’t have power, but we have running water, lots of batteries and more tech gadgets than should be allowable.

For more frequent updates, check my Twitter page. And for excellent local coverage check the Blog of New Orleans. Thanks for all your concern. Over and out.

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  • greg says:

    weather nerd is kinda useless, he said katrina wasn’t a big problem in ’05. he’s not a me terologist

  • Just tried to post a more lengthy comment, but something seems to have gone awry. I’ve appreciated your personal reports on the storm. You and Beck and , of course, your dogs stay safe.



  • As a hurricane initiate, myself, your reports are bringing the storm home to me, Ernie. I tuned into to your blog yesterday, and have enjoyed — so to speak — your personal reports since.

    Dana and I went through a direct hit from Hurricane Dolly here on South Padre Island, Texas, during July and are still repairing damage.

    Keep the dogs safe and steal their meds on an as-needed basis.

    Best luck to you and Becky and, of course, the dogs for the rest of the storm.


  • steve domas says:


    Don’t know if you can get your comments are not. How are things looking in our hood, wind, ran, trees, etc. Have you been able to go out and look around yet? If you go around Henry Clay, I’d appreciate if you took a peek at my house. Just a little worried abut some large trees that loom over the house. I can be reached at, or at 901-237-1821. Thanks and I hope you’re doing well.

  • Nola Blogger says:

    Great updates, Ernie. Much appreciated.

  • Monica Bay says:


    Our thots are with you. Please please stay safe.

    I’ve heard from Tom, Janine, Hunter, Connie — all are evacuated.Still waiting to hear from Eric B.

  • suzanne says:

    Hi Ernie,

    Glad to see that Gustav’s strength has been downgraded, still bad but nothing like ‘the mother of all storms’!!Take care both of you and give your dawgs a squeeze from me.


  • Kevin and Tommy says:

    We feel very safe knowing that you and Becky are holding down the Walnut St. fort!!! Stay safe, and we will keep checking your updates. We have lots of adult beverages in our unit if you run out!!

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