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Misuse of web images

By January 15, 2007Humor

We’re used to hearing about cease and desist letters going out to websites that illegally display images, but here’s a bold twist on that common scenario.

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One Comment

  • At one point I was looking at a Win32 port of Safari. I’d created a Sourceforge project called khtml-win32 and started to write up my progress on porting the code. It stalled, as such project do.

    Someone came along and was very interested in the project. He asked a lot of non-technical questions. He encouraged me to work on it again. He seemed so enthused, I made him an adminstrator on the Sourceforge project…

    I checked out the code. Set up the compiler. Started to read through it all again.

    Then he sent me an email saying I was taking to long, and used his adminstrator privilege to take my adminstrator privilege away, and took control of the Sourceforge project, and told me that I should be ashamed of myself.

    I’m not.

    He wrote me an email a few months back, it started, “From your old friend…”

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