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Microsoft security flaws: what’s the incentive to fix them?

By August 29, 2003web-tech

Whether by hook or crook, it’s a given that Microsoft is the dominant computer operating system. And as the recent virus epidemics (e.g. WormBlaster and SoBig-F) illustrate, Microsoft’s OS is easy prey. The question is: what is Microsoft going to do about it? The answer may be: as little as it can, unless consumers become more insistent that computer security is important.

A leading security expert named Bruce Schneier doubts that Microsoft is sufficiently motivated to address the flaws in its operating system:

“If Microsoft makes a stupid mistake in its code that makes it easy for someone to come into your home and steal everything you have, Microsoft is not legally responsible for any of your losses. And until that changes, none of the security will get better,” Schneier says.

Read More from Salon article (viewing of annoyance ad may be req’d). Also, Jerry Lawson has some intelligent observations over at his NetLaw weblog.

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