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Message from corporate clients to law firms: change or die

By January 6, 2005Uncategorized

Laura Owen, director, worldwide legal services, at Cisco Systems Inc., has some advice for corporate counsel and their attorneys.  Many of the recommendations urge lawyers to use technology more effectively.  I liked all her recommendations, But here’s one  that she gives to corporate counsel that I (being a lawyer at a medium-sized firm in New Orleans) especially liked hearing:

Move your legal work to low cost firms located in the Midwest, South or other regions away from high cost centers.

Yes, indeed.  And if anyone is interested in sending such work to a reputable law firm in New Orleans don’t hesitate to email.  Our firm is interested in adapting to the new way of doing things, and we know how to use technology to make the practice of law more efficient.  Hopefully, our competitors are oblivous to the new trends in delivery of legal services but something tells me not to count on that.

Update: Dennis Kennedy has heard Laura Owen speak in public and offers his own thoughts on her observations.  I agree with everything that Dennis says, in case anyone is wondering.  And if you are interested in the prospect of changing the legal profession so as to better serve clients then please check out this post by Matt Homann.

P.S. If you're a practicing lawyer, check out this Law Practice Assessment . After answering a few questions, you'll get detailed recommendations for improving five key areas of your practice.
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