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Maybe I do know something about politics

By January 10, 2008Uncategorized

Picture_6In my last post I conceded that I don’t know anything whatsoever about politics.  I’d like to retract that statement, and humbly suggest that I have at least some embryonic awareness of what matters in politics. I know that some political pundits are not worth paying attention to. 

Like, Chris Matthews for example.  He’s thoughtless ranter, as evidenced by the video clips highlighted in this blog post.  If he’s a political pundit then I’m captain of a nuclear submarine. Now take me down to periscope depth and arm torpedo tubes one and three.

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  • Steve says:

    Thanks for the posts, it’s rare to find someone with some sense that can poke a coherent thought out on a keyboard.

    Could it be that it doesn’t matter that Chris can be a boob, because what he says is putting him in the spotlight? The other day he said Hillary is in the senate simply because people felt sorry for her because she’s dealing with a cheating husband. It was a moronic statement.

    But consider that he has a few books out. Maybe he’s just emulating Ann Coulter, getting his name in the news with off the wall comments like that simply to drive up sales of his books. To me it is amazing that anyone listens to Ann, but it seems there are enough witless people that like what she says to drive her to the best seller list. She is not worth paying attention to, same as Chris, but people are still listening.

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