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Marketing in the buff

By March 30, 2007websites

There is a new buzzword percolating about: ‘visible marketing.’  I heard this last week from someone named Buzz, so it has to be true.   Five years ago Buzz introduced me to a high-octane tech conference run by Bob Metcalfe and John Sculley.  There I met Shel Israel, who later met Robert Scoble which led them to co-write a book called Naked Conversations.

Naked conversations begat visible marketing, and I have decided to dub all of this naked marketing.  What’s that?  It has a lot to do with blogs as this recent Wired article points out.   And if you want to learn more about naked marketing then sign up for this conference in New Orleans.  You can keep your hat on, if you want.

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  • sean01 says:

    As a member of the Louisiana bar association I get access to something called Fastcase, which is an online legal research service. It’s free to me as a Louisiana lawyer, but it’s not free to anyone else. But today, Google has taken an important first step in making legal caselaw available online. For free. Google Scholar, which has heretofore been focused on scholarly literature, now provides access to state cases going back to 1950, and federal cases going back to 1924. So that’s at least 50 years of state and federal cases that have been reported. And you can search these databases by using text-based queries just as you would in Google.==================================lawyer marketing

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