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Mardi Gras 2005

By February 5, 2005current affairs


Mardi Gras 2005 has rolled in like a Category 5 hurricane and is threatening to demolish everything in its path.  Many locals leave town, either to ski or to go to Disney.  So if you go to the airport you’ll see the line of departing passengers are either wearing warm bundles of clothes or tropical shirts with flip flops.  Inbound you have unruly people of various ages dressed in crazy costumes, wearing bandoleers of beads (aka ‘bait’ if you are heading into the French Quarter).  These incoming revelers do a lot of hooting and hollering as they stagger off their planes.

Bboy_1Meanwhile, over at central headquarters, the police have started urging people to evacuate to higher ground or just settle in for the impending insanity.  Busloads of religious zealots arrived on Friday and goose-steped eagerly into the French Quarter, carrying bullhorns and large placards warning the frolicking pagans that ‘Jesus is very disappointed in their behavior,’ but somehow ‘still loves them.’  Ah yes, love is everywhere at this time of year.  It’s a crazy dysfunctional kind of love that even Jesus has trouble understanding, but it’s love.  Which is nice. 

So that’s sort of what’s going on here in the Crescent City now.

Anyway, If you don’t see any posts for a few days don’t worry.  I’ll be okay.  I’m a survivor, and I know how to fend for myself.  Oh, and if you are in town on Sunday and want to see a cool uptown parade, come by my house for the Thoth parade.  It starts right before 10 am so stop by early if you want to see it from my house; if you get there late then come by after the parade. 

Thanks.  I will now commence radio silence…

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