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The modern world is now dominated by technology —i.e. computers, smartphones, software, and apps all of which are connected to the Internet almost all the time.

The way lawyers do their work has been shifting, and some of the change has been bewildering and unsettling. But, in the midst of massive change, there are always opportunities as well as challenges. In the Digital Age, the opportunities are huge. As are some of the challenges.

The key to handling both is getting a clear, foundational understanding of a few key truths. If you can grasp these three things then you’ll be able to manage your law business more effectively.

  1. Lawyers are classicknowledge workers because we solve problems by thinking
  2. Most of our knowledge work now involves working with digital data and information (which often leaves us frustrated and confused for reasons that aren’t as obvious as we tend to think). 
  3. Modern knowledge workers need to adopt digital project management skills to better handle the data and information that we have to deal with (primarily this means learning to use systems and documented procedures).

Learning to do these things is not easy, but it’s easier if you focus on the things you have some ability to influence, and avoid wasting time trying to resist unavoidable changes.

I had to figure out the best way to leverage technology mostly on my own, which I didn’t mind as much as some attorneys because of my background.

Now my mission is to help attorneys who feel like they need some guidance to get technology working for them, instead of against them.

If you want my help, then here’s the resource I recommend you start with.

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