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Mamas don’t let your school kids rely too much on Google

By August 26, 2003web-tech

So let’s say that it was some 10 year old kid named Jason who at 3:48 pm on August 26th decided to type the following search into Google: “early Egyptians.” And let’s say that Jason is doing this to gather information for his book report on Early Egyptian life. Well, then I’d like to see the teacher’s face when he tells her that he learned from some site called “Ernie the Attorney,” (which was the 5th hit on his search) that the “early Egyptians practiced blogging,” and that “cuneiform tablets were the earliest types of websites.”

No doubt the teacher would firmly doubt that he really found this information from a reputable website, but he could point her to this link on my weblog. And that’s when the teacher would see the problem. Google doesn’t know about context. But, on the other hand, who’s to say that the early Egyptians weren’t bloggers? After all Bob Graham has been blogging for over 30 years.

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