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Macs are for music lovers, which apparently there are a lot of

By September 29, 2003Uncategorized

A friend of mine came by on Friday for a few cocktails. We were hanging out and playing guitar and he was telling me about some guys named Townes Van Zandt and Steve Earle. I’d heard of Steve Earle, but not Van Zandt.

I popped open my Apple Powerbook and fired up iTunes. He browsed around and introduced me to a bunch of new music. Whenever I heard a song I liked I clicked ‘buy now’ and downloaded it. He was blown away at how easily I could get music with my computer. At one point in the evening, he said “I’m definitely going to get one of those,” referring to the Mac. I think it was when I used the laptop to record his guitar playing with track overdubs using my Mbox.

On Saturday I went to CompUSA and I noticed that they had moved the Apple stuff (which used to be in a remote corner) to the very middle of the store. A law student was eyeing the Powerbooks. I told her that she wouldn’t regret getting a Powerbook. She said she liked the Powerbook, but she was tempted to get the iBook so she’d have enough money left over for an iPod.

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