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MacBook Air – Still in love

By February 27, 2008Uncategorized

As some of you remember I bought a MacBook Air and said that I was loving it. I wanted to update everyone who is interested in how things are going. In short: fantastic. I LOVE this computer. It’s feather light and quite snappy. I went ahead and bought the external drive so that I could install Windows XP, which I couldn’t install via the Remote Disc. Bottom line: Windows is installed and runs fine.

The battery life is decent (about 3.5 hours per charge) and I have no complaints. I can’t understand people who complain that the battery isn’t removable and that there is only one USB port etc. This computer is super small and light because it was engineered to the extreme. When you push the envelope you have to make compromises. The computer has a full-sized backlit keyboard and 2 GBs of RAM standard, so you have to applaud the areas where Apple didn’t compromise. You have to actually use this computer to appreciate how amazing it is.

I’m not the only lawyer who loves it. Check out MacLitigator’s review.

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