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Louisiana lawyers take note!

My friends Al Robert and Tad Barlett have conspired to create a new web venture that looks very promising.  If you are a Louisiana lawyer then you need to check out the Task Launch website, and take the survey.  This site seeks to provide practitioners with up-to-date, easy-to-find, practical information about legal decisions and laws, as well as court procedures.

One problem I see with using court websites to find information is that each one is arranged differently.  The same type of information is found in different places on each site.  Having one site that has all of that information arranged in an easily navigable place would be really nice.  And having that same site also provide timely information about breaking legal news in Louisiana would be even better.

Al Robert (pronounced ‘row-bear’) and Tad Bartlett are just the guys to make this happen.  When Al was in law school he created (in his spare time?) a site called Naked Ownership, which is still the best way to navigate the state’s official online statutes and codes.  Tad has been pumping out daily digests of Louisiana court decisions for about a year now, and his work just keeps getting better.

If you are a Louisiana practitioner you need to bookmark this site and pay attention to its evolution. And if you are still subscribing to the Maraist newsletter you might want to reset your attention to this site instead. That’s not a put down of the Maraist newsletter, but let’s face the facts: it’s based in paper and can’t provide the same scope of information, and definitely can’t match the speed of delivery.

The Task Launch website will officially launch this summer.  So go take the survey and give them your input into what you’d like to see in the ideal Louisiana legal website.  And if you go to the LSBA Solo & Small Firm conference today and tomorrow (at the Sheraton hotel) check out their booth in the exhibitor area.

P.S. If you're a practicing lawyer, check out this Law Practice Assessment . After answering a few questions, you'll get detailed recommendations for improving five key areas of your practice.

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