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Louisiana Governor’s race

By September 26, 2003Louisiana Lawyers

California is not the only state shopping around for a new Governor. Louisiana is holding statewide elections on October 4th. If you are interested in finding out about the candidates for Governor I recommend the The Council for a Better Louisiana‘s webpage. They also provide information on all of the statewide offices. I’ll be voting for Bobby Jindal if anyone cares.

Also, I’m going to vote for Mitch Landrieu for Lieutenant Governor and Suzie Terrell for Attorney General. I’ve known both of them since law school and I know first hand that they are both honest and committed people who want to improve the state. I’m not saying that their opponents are not honest or well-intentioned, but rather that I know that they would serve the State well. Susie’s commitment to reform is clear from the fact that she eliminated her last job (Elections Commissioner) while she held it. That is not the sort of thing that we Louisianians are used to seeing in a politician.

Since I’ve got 2 Republican recommendations versus only 1 democrat let me add another democrat for an Orleans Parish office. Franz Ziblich would make a great criminal court judge. He’s hard working, savvy, and fair-minded. And he likes people, which is a good trait for a judge to have.

For up to date information on politics (often including Louisiana Politics) I recommend PoliPundit.

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