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The Lost & Found Department is waiting

By January 11, 2015February 8th, 2015mindfield, zen / spirituality

What if the thing that you wanted most in life was just sitting there waiting for you to claim it?

Like at a Lost & Found Department.

A lot of times we lose something and don’t know it’s even missing. That thing might be sitting in the Lost & Found Department for a long time.

If we never notice it’s missing it sits in the Lost & Found forever.

Lost, and found, but never claimed.

What if the thing you wanted most out of life was like that?

Why wouldn’t you realize that the dream you have for your life is lost?

Probably because you’re afraid it’s impossible to get, so you don’t care anymore.

How did you become so apathetic?

When you were a kid you had bold dreams about what your life might be. Sure, maybe some of those dreams were silly, or ill-informed.

But they were bold.

And when you were a kid you had no problem coming up with new bold dreams.

Where are your bold dreams now?

They’re probably sitting in some cosmic Lost & Found Department.

Now that you know they’re missing, why don’t you go claim them?

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  • Ofelia says:

    I don’t know, the usual commencement is bonirg as hell, may be if the guest speaker is J.K. Rowling or Steve Jobs then it’s a different story. Unless those kids burn down a building or my car specifically otherwise I am all for it. I almost think it’s their duty to protest. I mean they are only young once, aren’t they? When they got older, most of them wouldn’t do shit like that any more.

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