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Liberal radio station Air America hitting turbulence

The informative political weblog run by Taegan Goddard, Politicalwire, is reporting on the troubles encountered by Air America. I don’t really care about the whole liberal vs. conservative media smackdown, but I’m not going to miss Air America if it crashes. I saw one of their radio personalities, comedian Janeane Garafolo, on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart the other night. She stridently proclaimed that she had come to the conclusion that ‘anyone who votes for George Bush this time has a character flaw.’

Oh, really? I’m not inclined to vote for Bush (and I’m frankly not inclined to vote for Kerry either), but if I do then what sort of counseling should I seek? Since Ms. Garafolo is so adept at deciding who should run the country perhaps she could help Air America out and tell them how to run their business better.

Sheesh. People who crave extreme positions quickly wear me out. But, I’m sure that’s just because of my ‘character flaw.’

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