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Letter from Tulane Univ. President

By September 21, 2005Uncategorized

Here is the message that Scott Cowen sent, via the webpage, to the Tulane Alumni.  It reflects a certain quiet dignity, as well as a nomadic spirit inspired by dropping barometric pressure:

"Dear Tulanians and friends,

Mother Nature strikes again. This time, Texas is targeted for a major storm and a voluntary evacuation has been called for the city. Our temporary Houston office, including the call center, will close at the end of today and we will relocate to Dallas until the threat has passed."

How far inland does one have to go to avoid hurricanes this summer?  The people who were displaced from New Orleans have feel like they are living in the hastily produced sequel to a major Hollywood diaster movie.

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  • Phillip Hughes says:

    The levee boards should be Abolished, just as the New Orleans School Board.It’s absolutely stupid to create another ‘board’ to watch over aninept levee board….another group of cronies waiting for an opportunity tosteal!! …All levee boards in south-central and southeast Louisiana shouldhave been terminated after Hurricane Katrina and Rita.A TOTAL WASTE of taxpayers money.

  • nomadic spirit is right.he sound so matter of hurricanes in Michigan yet this year…..

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