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Lawyer marketing: sensible information from a practical teacher

By December 6, 2010law

If you're interested in marketing your law practice there's a name you need to know above all others: Ross Fishman. I have known Ross for several years, first professionally but then also personally. He's an oasis of sincerity and practicality in a sea of facile pretenders.

Ross came to speak at the firm retreat when I was at the big law firm. Predictably, many of the older attorneys prepared to scoff at anything offered by a “legal marketing specialist.” But he offered so much sensible information that no one was scoffing. And he was quickly retained to help the firm with its marketing strategy. I know many lawyers scoff at the notion of legal marketing, but those lawyers have never listened to Ross Fishman speak so they're really just scoffing at facile pretenders, of which there are admittedly many.

Some people don't need help with marketing; that's true.  But the notion that marketing can't be taught is not true. If you want to learn how to market a legal practice effectively you should listen to Ross Fishman. The best way is to hear him speak, but if you can't do that then at least read his blog. He won't claim marketing is easy, or that everyone can do it well. But you can learn a lot if you are willing to listen to his advice and then put that advice into action.

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  • Michaela says:

    Great post because it may not be immediately obvious that marketing plays a crucial role in how successful an attorney can be at gaining more clients. With the explosion of social media, relying on strategies like word of mouth just aren’t going to cut it anymore.

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