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Getting new clients can be easy and inexpensive

Nothing is more important for a lawyer than being able to get new clients, steadily, cost-effectively and easily.

You can’t spend too much time marketing your practice because then you won’t have enough time to do the client work.

And if you’re a solo or small firm lawyer you can’t afford to waste money on methods that aren’t effective.

If you’re like a lot of lawyers, you might not even like the idea of doing a lot of schmoozing or going to a bunch of “networking opportunities” and meeting lots of people in the hopes that one or two of them might decide to call you or refer you business.

I was like that, because I’m basically an introvert. And I hate wasting time on things that don’t produce results quickly and easily.

Worst of all, I believed that only some lawyers are good at getting clients easily and I wasn’t one of them. But then I discovered the truth…

Anyone can market effectively once you know the proper method. And the proper method for solo and small firm lawyers is one that (as I said earlier) is simple, easy, effective and doesn’t cost too much money.

I stumbled into the method—which is how I got the courage to leave my big firm and start a wonderful solo practice.

One thing that made it wonderful is that I was able to get a steady flow of good clients, and also confidently turn away prospects who seemed high-maintenance or troublesome in any way.

Other lawyers wanted to learn how I did this so I showed them. And they were amazed.

Over the years I’ve kept refining my method to make it more powerful, easier to use, and easier to understand.

If you’d like to get more great clients more easily, I’d love to show you how.

The way to begin learning my method is to download this free PDF…




Will help you…
  • Enhance Your Reputation: Learn to gain the attention of high-quality clients in a way that’s both tasteful and powerful. Don’t waste time or money on methods that are ineffective and diminish your reputation.
  • Get Better Clients: These days, you need to quickly establish rapport with your ideal clients. Then you need to build trust so they’re EAGER to hire you. I’ll show you the step-by-step process for doing this well.
  • Save Money: I’ll also show you a little-known marketing system that costs $348/year, takes 30 minutes/month and delivers amazing results. No website required, and you can start doing it now for free.

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