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Law Schools taking in other law students

By September 2, 2005Uncategorized

Duke is one of many law schools across the nation that is opening its doors to students displaced by Katrina.  We have accepted 11 visiting students for the fall semester.  Ten are 2L and 3L students from Tulane and Loyola-New Orleans, and one is an LL.M. student from Tulane.  They will all start on

And from my friend Eileen Quenin:
"Price (my husband a law student at Loyola) is also fine.  Price is in Fort Smith Ark.  He contacted the Dean of their law school who has been giving us info on where Loyola and Tulane students can go to continue their education.  I thought you may wish to post some of this info.  I understand also that LSU will allow law students to attend there and will waive the tuition."

>Message From Dean Bromberger
>1. Law Schools across the country are offering temporary slots for Loyola
>University New Orleans students for the Fall semester.
>2. These slots are being offered on a first come first served basis.
>Loyola tuition will be the only tuition you will need to pay at most
>schools. All scholarships will continue to be in effect.
>3. Some schools are restricting the offer to 3Ls, others upper classes,
>and very few are admitting 1Ls.
>4. Loyola will honor all credits earned at ABA accredited schools.
>5. Some schools are offering assistance with student housing.
>6. Today we are planning the establishment of a program to be situated at
>the University of Houston Law Center.
>7. All 1L courses will be offered. We are also planning to offer a
>significant number of Fall 2L and 3L courses.
>8. We expect the Houston program to begin in October and class hours will
>be extended to ensure that all formal ABA requirements are met.
>9. A Loyola University New Orleans website should begin today (Friday).
>10. For those not taking courses at other schools, all information
>regarding Loyola courses will be posted on this blog site and the official
>web page.
>11. Please do not panic. We are taking every step to ensure that 3L’s will
>graduate in time to take bar exams, and other students receive a full program.
>12. We are hopeful that normal operations will begin again in New Orleans
>for the Spring semester.
>13. A contact number at the University of Houston Law Center for Loyola
>students will be available at these sites early next week.
>14. We are exploring housing options for all Loyola students.
>15. Please do not call the University of Houston Law Center’s Admission

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