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Law myths – a short book

By August 11, 2009Uncategorized

I recently had the chance to review a short little book called 'Dangerous Law Practice: Myths, Lies & Stupidity'.  The book only has 94 pages, but it's chock full of pith and common sense.  The book was written by seven authors, mostly folks who are tuned into technology.  So much of the wisdom has to do with how to incorporate technology into your practice.  

But, it's not all tech-centered.  For example there is the chapter entitled 'The Low Fee Myth,' which debunks the idea that you get more clients if you charge less money.  The lesson there is not to crank up your fees, though.  The message is to 'charge what you are worth, and be sure that the client agrees you are worth what you charge.'  If you want to learn more about the book, or purchase it click here.

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