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Law Firm Jazzercize Music

By August 25, 2007Humor, law practice

They say it’s not supposed to be a ‘Theme Song."  Maybe the Nixon Peabody firm meant it to be more like Jazzercize music than a theme song, but in any event now it’s a full-blown brouhaha.  So put on your gym shoes and shorts and check it out

"Everybody’s a winner at Nixon Peabody."  I’m telling you: I just can’t stop singing it.

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  • Tom O says:

    “internal use” So what, they play it in the cafeteria? And if I were a client of there’s I’d be really impressed that this is where my fees get spent. What were these knuckleheads thinking?

  • Yes, I must confess, I made fun of it too on my podcast. I feel guilty for picking on such low-hanging fruit, but who can help themselves with this song?

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