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By January 19, 2006Uncategorized

Are blogs a good idea for law firms?  I’ve always thought so, but then I read Top 10 Reasons Blogs are a Bad Idea for Law Firms.  By the way, here in New Orleans McGlinchey Stafford law firm has created two blogs, one dedicated to the Class Action Fairness Act and another devoted to legal issues related to Katrina.  McGlinchey hired Kevin O’Keefe who created a company called Lex Blogs to help them get their blogs set up.  Kean Miller, another Louisiana law firm, also used Lex Blog to set up their Louisiana Law Blog.

More and more businesses are discovering that blogs are a good way to communicate with their clients and potential clients.  I had a chance to meet Kevin O’Keefe recently and I’m glad to see his firm growing.  Kevin is very knowlegeable about the Internet, and he’s a really great guy. If your firm is considering blogging and doesn’t know how to get started then contact Kevin. 

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  • Hunter Twiford says:

    When we at McGlinchey Stafford decided to publish the CAFA Law Blog, we contacted Kevin. We’ve been working with him for almost a year now, and have found him to be most knowledgable and helpful. He was a litigator for awhile, and understands what it’s like to practice law. I also agree with Ernie – he’s a good guy, to boot. If you’re interested in launching a blog, he’s the guy to contact.

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