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Law Blog Update – Movers & New Shakers

By August 18, 2003Uncategorized

August is a transition time for the blogosphere, and this is certainly true of law blogs. Jack Bogdanski has moved his site (Jack Bog’s Blog) to this location. Jack is a law professor in Portland, Oregon. The new site looks pretty slick, and has an XML feed.

Abstract Appeals is an exciting new legal weblog run by Matt Conigliaro, an appellate attorney in the St. Petersburg, Florida offices of Carlton Fields. Matt intends to cover Florida Law and The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Matt apparently attended Tulane Law School, which means that he is qualified to render opinions on the best local cuisine in New Orleans too. He’s working on getting his XML feed going, which will be good (his site renders funny in my Safari browser, which is probably a bug in Safari and definitely not his fault).

Unbillable Hours, which is one of my favorite legal weblogs, has moved to a TypePad location. This weblog is run by an anonymous young lawyer who goes by the moniker “TPB, Esq..” While he may remain anonymous in name he has taken advantage of the TypePad Photo Album feature and posted pictures of himself. So at least now we know what he looks like. And, even better, the new site has an XML feed that actually works.

TypePad seems to be attracting a lot of lawyers. The Insurance Defense Blog is a TypePad-hosted weblog by Dave Stratton, which focuses on civil litigation defense in the Washington, D.C. area. But what’s this? No XML feed? Please, Dave go configure your weblog immediately for an XML feed, and choose the “full post” option. Thanks.

MacJustice is a weblog run by Bill Burtis, who is a close friend of mine who is starting out at Washburn Law School. Bill is a great guy, and a major techie. He was instrumental in convincing me to take the plunge and switch to an Apple computer. I know he’s studying hard and taking law school pretty seriously, so I doubt he’ll be posting all that frequently. Fortunately, his site has an XML feed.

Down in The Mine is a TypePad hosted site run by a “law student in Washington, DC who still believes in the majesty of the law and its ability to make America a better place.” XML feed available. Check out his post on the Fox v. Franken lawsuit.

Oh, and last but not least, Delaware Online has an article about law bloggers in which the fine folks from the Delaware Law Office blog are interviewed and quoted.

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  • Dave Stratton says:

    Thanks, Ernie! I thought I did have an XML feed, but I redid the publication options and moved it up. If it doesn’t work it has got to be a TypePad bug.

    Dave Stratton

  • Ooooo! A Florida law blog and on appellate practice, too! Perfect. Too bad it renders poorly in Safari and, no, it’s not Safari’s fault, at least according to the W3C validator. I’d post a link, but Typepad keeps deleting it!

    Too bad there’s no RSS feed…

    Matt, if you read this, please consider an RSS feed!

  • TPB, Esq. says:

    Glad you like the new site and the pictures; I definitely like the new format/layout on yours.

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