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Kimberly Williamson Butler – Update

By April 18, 2006Uncategorized

Kimberly ("let’s make New Orleans a laughing stock") Williamson Butler is the subject of this recent post by Wonkette.  KWB’s campaign slogan is ‘The End of Politics As Usual.’   Her campaign represents a terminus, for sure: it’s the point at which reality completely disappears.  I haven’t seen very many of her yard signs in New Orleans.  Perhaps they’re all in Disneyland, which seems to be her campaign headquarters.

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  • Lynn says:

    You know I’ve read so much about Kimberly Williamson Butler over the internet and it doesn’t make me think any less of her but less of those who speak against her. This tells me that the people who spent their time writing it had nothing better to do.I know her personaly, she’s like my mom and you people make her appear as a monster! But please be careful because she has been faithful and her GOD will defend her!You can say what you like but I will be in prayer for your souls and forgiveness. As you defend your children, so does my GOD! Please repent and turn your lives over to Jesus he loves you and believe it or not she does too with to love of Christ GOD Bless!

  • Kinch says:

    Accually I did see a KWB yard sign today. It was attached to the rear bumper of a broken-down car on I-10 near the N. Clairborne exit. Rather apropos I thought.

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