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Kerry’s swift boat fiasco

By August 24, 2004Uncategorized

The press, and even a lot of bloggers, are making too much of what Kerry did to get his purple hearts. I’ve seen a lot of ‘inquiries to get at the truth’ (we call them ‘trials’ in the legal profession) and I can tell you this one is not going to resolve the question of Kerry’s military record. But that’s not really the point of the attack ads; it’s to raise questions about his fitness to lead the nation.

I’ve got a better idea of how to assess Kerry’s fitness to lead the nation: let’s look at how he acts today. I’m strongly inclined not to vote for Bush because of the stem cell issue. But if you want to make me feel reluctant to vote for Kerry then have me read what Jim Kuntsler (who is a proud Democrat) writes:

“Kerry can’t get any traction in this campaign because he is, as Kevin Phillips aptly put it, “a haircut in search of a brain.” He doesn’t have any more “vision” than Bush 41 or Bush 43. … His position about the war against Islamic fundamentalism is incomprehensible. For all I know he distinguished himself in Vietnam, but he’s mentally AWOL in the 2004 campaign for the White House. Am I supposed to vote for him just because he isn’t Bush? As a registered Democrat, that’s not good enough for me.”

Yeah, it’s barely good enough for me too.

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