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Kennedy endorses Obama – So what?

By January 28, 2008Uncategorized

The TV news folks are now wildly trumpeting Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama.  I don’t know how to weigh the value of political endorsements, but the talking heads are all slobbering.  Frankly, I’m more struck with the endorsement by Greg Craig.  Mr. Craig is the attorney who led President Clinton’s White House defense team during the Impeachment proceedings, and was a long-time friend of both Hillary and Bill.  What’s Craig’s reason for supporting Obama?  Apparently he views Obama as "as a fresh and exciting voice in American politics that has not been in my life since Robert Kennedy."

Mr. Craig is not bothered by Obama’s supposed ‘lack of experience.’  Neither is Ted Kennedy, or other leading political figures.  Hillary’s supposed superior experience isn’t her only political talking point.  Hillary benefits by being the first woman with a serious shot at becoming president.  Last night I heard a woman say that she liked Obama a lot, but felt duty-bound to support Hillary after having been so dedicated to women’s issues all her life.  In effect, she suggested that Hillary was inspirational simply by virtue of being a woman.

I think that Obama’s inspirational, but not because he’s a man.  Or because he’s black.  Or because he’s young or whatever.  I’m inspired by his level headedness.  Most of all I’m inspired by his focus on unity (even between Democrats and Republicans).  If I felt that Hillary had that ability then I’d support her. 

I wasn’t ever inspired by Hillary.  Mostly, because I wasn’t all that focused on her until recently.  I was quite inspired by her husband, especially when he first was elected President.  I wasn’t as inspired by his antics with Monica Lewinsky and his bald-faced lying (e.g. "I did NOT have sex with that woman").  And I’m completely dismayed by his recent attacks on Barack Obama ("biggest fairy tale" etc.).

Even though I thought Bill Clinton was a good President (despite the sex scandals and lies about it), I wouldn’t vote for him if he were running now.  I wouldn’t hold his divisive remarks against Hillary though; I think she’s level-headed and certainly qualified enough to be President.  I just think Obama’s the best candidate; that’s my only criteria for picking a nominee.

Obviously, I realize that not everyone votes this way.

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One Comment

  • debbie says:

    i dont think having him as a clinton supporter is not so bad since he helped a rapist get away with rape…….if he is judging sen clinton based on president clintons sex scandal, then that would be his choice……i mean if you look at history jfk had more than one affair in the white house… i dont think that i would really want the endorsement of ted kennedy..who better to support somwone but a drunk……..

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