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Keeping up with politics

By November 30, 2003January 5th, 2018Uncategorized

I had no idea that Hillary Clinton was named after famous mountain climber, Edmund Hillary.  But then I don’t know a lot about politics.  I watched the CNN debate tonight (on a DVR so I could fast forward through any stupid questions).  Little did I expect that Wolf Blitzer would pop the most moronic question in the final wrap up.  He asked something along the lines of "Who would Martin Luther King endorse if he were alive today?"  John Edwards, I guess not surprisingly, took the bait and argued for how Dr. King would find his candidacy appealing.  Ack!

I’m done watching political debates, even on a DVR.  Just wake me up when Hillary gets the nomination.  She deserves it.  After all, she’s got 35 years of experience.  If she’s lucky Mitt Romney will somehow be the Republican nominee and she’ll have a realistic shot at being President.  Her claim of vast political experience might seem strange if she has to go against John McCain.  But, hey, if it doesn’t seem strange now then maybe no one will question it later on. 

I can’t motivate myself to vote for someone that I don’t understand.  Unfortunately, that means there aren’t too many politicians I can vote for.  I realize that he probably won’t get the nomination, but I’m going to vote for Barack Obama. I like his message of unity.  And I like how he dismissed Blitzer’s stupid question, pointing out that (obviously) Dr. King wouldn’t have endorsed any of the candidates because he had a larger message.

Yeah, a larger message.  Remember when the larger message was important?  It was right before polling became widespread and before the media became populated by game show hosts.

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One Comment

  • Rosalea says:

    Actually, Hillary Clinton was born in 1947 and Edmund Hillary didn’t climb Everest until 1953, so it’s just an example of her jumping on somebody else’s bandwagon. As a “decline to state” voter in California, I’m beginning to be sorely tempted to register as a Democrat on February 5 just to vote against her.

    Here in the Bay Area her husband said to a local reporter, “This is a one man, one vote country”, which begs the question of where he’s been since the 1970s when the movement against sexist language began. As the campaign continues, his wife seems to be less and less a candidate in her own right and more and more just the former President’s glove puppet.

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